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Our Vision

You deserve better

We offer a personalized, relationship-based approach to home technology. We understand that it is through expert understanding of our clients’ needs that we are able to meet and exceed their expectations.

We have combined comprehensive experience in both creative and technology based fields. This means a rounded approach to our working relationships offering design flair alongside practical management of projects.

We understand the need for consistent dialogue with our clients at every opportunity. We are available for our clients immediately, at any time.

Transparency with our clients is everything. We ensure full visibility of progress and timing of projects at all times. We understand that our clients need reliable information and timely results.

We pride ourselves on nurturing long-term relationships with our clients, ensuring real value is provided not just at the installation stage but for the lifetime of your chosen system.

Home Automation

The key to making technology quick and easy to use, if not even intuitive, is to integrate many processes at once to create one desired effect. Whether this means that your hall lights turn on when you turn the key in the lock, or the bath fills with hot water and the radio turns on from your remote in the living room is up to you, but linking technology makes sense and adds enjoyment and simplicity to everyday tasks.

Lighting Systems

Lighting helps create the perfect living space with moods to suit the occasion or time of day. Our lighting systems allow you to create a selection of environments within your home that can be recalled with a push of a button.

A lighting system may also provide you with practical benefits such as assisting you with security by having your interior lights turn on and off at preset times. Some of our lighting systems will work with your existing framework too, so you can enjoy the benefits of mood lighting without creating unnecessary disruption.

Security & CCTV

Our innovative security systems alert you if an intruder is detected by sending a text message to your mobile phone or calling you or the emergency services when you are away. Unique to the security systems we install is the ability of letting you know exactly where an intruder is at all times in your property. When used in conjunction with one of our CCTV systems, you can then view cameras across your property over the internet or on your mobile phone.

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